3D Real Time Car Builder



Car shoppers frequently user interact with various car configurators on manufacture’s (OEM) websites. As user who visit Edmunds are often comparing various vehicles makes and models, the idea of having a car configurator that works across brands would be a tremendous benefit to customers and increase Edmunds’ brand identity.


To truly standout beyond what OEM’s offer, I proposed building a real-time rendering car configurator with film quality results. Our prototype was built using a GPU based farm utilizing Nvidia’s iRay to provide high quality imagery that would adhere to OEM guidelines as well as offering views of a vehicle, inside and out, from any angle with all possible configurations.


A proof of concept utilizing the popular 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee was built and deployed to highlight the possibilities to automotive OEMs. Feedback and interest from OEMs were very high and the decision was made to find one OEM to become a launch partner.