WET Installation Preview (VR)



WET’s projects have ranged in scale from as small as 20ft to over 34 acres. Due to the various sizes of installations, the images and videos previewing these creations become an important piece of the pitch and design phase. I proposed envisioning future projects in Virtual Reality to allow clients to feel immersed in WET’s vision for their location, with the advantage of being able to view the visualization from various angles in real-time.


WET’s design team work frequently create their visuals using off-the-shelf 3D Creation packages, including Maya and Houdini. While the process of exporting from Maya to Unreal Engine is rather straightforward, the biggest challenge was re-creating hundreds of accurately simulated water shooters inside the Unreal Engine. As this was something not common in game engines, I built new partnerships with teams deep inside of Houdini and Unreal Engine to help facilitate this process.


Two major VR previews were released internally: one for an upcoming project in Nashville and another for an already active project in Cotai. The Cotai project was chosen because it had the most amount of water shooters of any modern project and therefore was deemed the “most difficult” to simulate.