The Fountains of the Bellagio 360°



While never shown outside of the company, the WET video team creates beautiful video showpieces of all completed projects. These videos are usually shown internally only to prospective clients. As some of WET’s clients include foreign state presidents, royalty and pioneers in retail and leisure, my goal was to generate additional interest and future work through the creation of an equally inspiring 360° video experience of WET’s most famous U.S. venture, the Fountains of the Bellagio.


Since most of WET’s features include powerful water shooters, it was key to develop a camera rig that would be able to handle getting splashed. Over the course of a two-day shoot at the Bellagio, we shot at various locations around the property, but the key location was in the water in the center of one of the shooter’s rings. This setup required me personally swimming out in the cold water to assist in the camera setup, but the reward was worth it.


During a pitch to the board of MGM Resorts in February 2015, several mobile VR headsets were used to display the short 360° film. The addition of the immersive experience to the meeting assisted in the award of millions of dollars of upgrades to the feature over the next couple of years.